18 works with older people, our Elder Rockstars

Our Elder Rockstars, across our organization: in our design lab, our civics programs, our community engagement.

What we learned from our intergenerational work: Youth have much to teach us and meaningful connection across generations inspires and empowers us all.

Bridging the Gap is a series of conversations pairing Boomers and Gen Z and Millennials to talk about voting and issues of the day. As conversations unfold, so does the realization that people of different generations share much more in common than sets them apart and that connection between generations benefits us ALL.

“There is a chance that things are going to get worse before they get better. A lot of angry words. People can’t even talk to each other. How would you propose we change that.”
Rachel, 79

Bridging the Gap: “18+”

We believe “Olders” and “ Younger” have a lot to teach one another as we navigate changes and rise to challenges of the day.

Each season of life has an “18 moment” where we are asked to step up new challenges around identity, purpose, passion and personal power. Retirement is certainly the new “18” for many.

In this video, Mr. Brilliant, 88, talks with Chevez, 18, about being “18+ 70.”

Are you an Elder Rockstar who’d like to get involved in 18?

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