Authentic Youth Empowerment
Authentic Youth Empowerment
Authentic Youth Empowerment
Smart Societies Invest in Their Future. Youth Are Our Future. 18 is Their Platform.

18 has real respect for Youth. We cultivate authentic relationships with young people through our programs, events and online community.  We believe Youth know best how to reach Youth; they are our experts, our designers, our content and experience curators, our true partners in 18.  Why do we care so much about authentically empowering Gen Z and Millennials? Because an authentically empowered person engages in civics, in their community, in life.

Join us in empowering Youth to make change.

Know a young person who’d like to get involved?

Manifesto Video written by a 17 year old about
the independence, power and importance of the Youth Vote.
“Of all of the things I’ve done in high school, being involved with 18 was by far the most impactful. Before 18, I felt disconnected from my power. 18 helped me realize that I have something to say and that people would listen. It has transformed my confidence in my ability to create change.”
Brian Thompson
18 years old
Flemington, New Jersey