18 (#WeAreAll18) is a social impact media company that uses personal storytelling to drive a youth-focused, intergenerational, POSTpartisan empowerment movement. 18 taps into the “18” in all of us, by creating & co-creating content that entertains + elevates across all media platforms.

18 is producing a documentary series called #MyEffinTruth, compiled from user-generated content, particularly from young people around the world on issues they care about. Through the tapestry of voices, we show that stories unite all of us, regardless of age, gender, SES, color, ability, geography, or generation.

The entire world has entered a never-before-experienced Pause, affecting each and every person on the Planet. No one has answers to the millions of questions being asked, including the universal “What’s going to happen?” one. And, more than questions, what we ALL have are feelings, thoughts, emotions, perspectives. Stories. Our stories.

18 is putting the real back into reality.


18’s platform for self-expression has been built over the last 2 years on the premise that “we are all in this together.” We focus on youth perspectives – primarily – as they are the Key to Our Future, they just need the support to understand how to exercise it.

That’s where your perspective, and stories, come in

We know you have a story to share (maybe even stories). Now more than ever.


Each week, 18 will select an in-the-moment theme or issue – it might be a single word, a concept, or a series of questions – that speaks to the minds/hearts/truths/realities of Youth, and touch us ALL, at this unprecedented moment in time. A subject we hope will ignite and inspire you to submit your story, your perspective, to own where you’re at, for inclusion in a co-created film on the subject. YOUR Effin Truth. We all have so much to say now, the time and technology to share it, and even more reasons to to do so.

#MyEffinTruth will resonate with co-creators and audiences Globally for us, tapping into the unprecedented elements in the Zeitgeist that fosters the kind of Tipping Point virality for this type of Global vision and opportunity.


What are you caring about right now?
How is this period affecting your life?
What emotions are arising?
Have you shifted what you cared about before?
What lasting effects do you sense this will have on the You and your peers?
What do you hope this period will inspire with people, and in society?
What do you picture being the “social norm” after this is over


Please shoot with the phone horizontally.

● Imagine a specific person you are talking to. It enhances authentic sharing and connectivity.

● Look into the Lens.

● If you want to share another story about something personal, feel free.

● Be authentically you in your videos. And, please be respectful.

● When submitting, please include your full name, age, location, and social media handles.

● Please follow us on Instagram.

SUBMISSIONS Send your videos to: weareall18@gmail.com Or Text to: 917/544-0706 Thank you for participating, it truly means the World to (all of) us.