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Jonathan Pillot
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18 is the kind of [r]evolutionary vision that could only have been imagined, ignited + materialized by a founder with the depth and breadth of perspectives and experience(s) – personally + professionally – as Jonathan Pillot. Someone who feels truly called-upon to connect, ignite + inspire. Someone who relishes taking deep dives with anyone he meets (and who is up for it). A leader who believes in the Power of the People, and a believer in the imploding of outmoded cultural paradigms and constructs that no longer work. Who fully embraces Steve Jobs’ notion that “the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.”

Growing up in NYC, Jonathan took in life through the unparalleled lens of the world’s truly Global City of Diversity. As a redheaded “New York Jew” in a matriarchal house, he understood early on the power of the feminine, becoming a man who embraced his yin at least as much as his yang. He learned what it felt like to be seemingly an insider, and yet someone who always felt “different,” feeling like an outsider, wanting to belong. As an only child with parents who did not know how to communicate with, or understand, each other, Jonathan learned how to “translate,” to negotiate.  To build bridges, to (try and) find common ground. And the notion of feeling alone. As a kid who lost a primary parent at an early age, he came to understand how lives are often trajectorized by circumstances outside our control. How essential it is to turn lemons into lemonade. And why empathy and compassion are essential ingredients in a meaningful life. As a lifelong Seeker, Jonathan learned that we often learned more about what we want, and what are the ingredients to a joyful, integrated life, from what we did not have. The wisdom of hindsight, and the opportunity to share wisdom and experience to provide roots + wings to others. To know that someone sees you, gets you, and has your back. And as a primary parent of (now) Millennial children, he has deeply embraced the elemental importance of intergenerational connectivity, of Roots + Wings.  

Although Jonathan is more about the Why, than the What, he has surely accomplished much in his career. He has worn more professional and creative hats than most – lawyer/consiglieri/connector/film+theater producer/writer/director/storyteller/radio host/talent manager/brand strategist.  And every aspect of each part of his journey is infused into 18.  As a Mirror for all of us, to connect with the best that we each bring out in ourselves, and in each other.