Our Story

It all started with a question. What does it feel like to be 18, to step into your power as an adult, to vote for the first time ?  We hit the road to find out.

What we found: Passionate, Purpose-driven Youth, … not voting.

In 2018, Youth, Gen Z and Millennials, became the largest sector of the US population and electorate.  They have the power to decide elections based on their numbers alone.   And they don’t vote…

All of that power, passion, and purpose sitting on the sidelines.  Why? What would spark their interest?  What would get them into the game?

We spent the last 10 years thinking about these questions.

In 2018, we piloted solutions.

We worked with teens as our experts, our creatives, our civic engagement leaders.

We connected with organizations and brands trying to motivate and engage teens.

We registered, educated and turned out voters of all types.

We listened and learned a lot.

We learned Youth really don’t want to be told what to do.  We expected that.

We learned Youth are experts at reaching their peers and have a lot to teach us all.

We learned that Youth voter apathy is merely a symptom of a larger social problem.

A problem at the root of many of today’s social challenges.


The problem as we see it? Disconnection.

Technology rapidly transformed the way we connect.

What humans need from connection remains the same.

Empathy, understanding, and physical community are core human needs…

And victims of the digital revolution.


Their absence has serious social impact.

Youth Voter Apathy…   Anxiety and Depression…  Intergenerational Loneliness

Plenty of social impact organizations work to address these symptoms

We want to get to the ROOT of the problem.


18 is out to change what we GET in the places we connect


18 is shaking up civic engagement, media and Youth business models to design a more effective platform for meeting core human audience needs in the digital era

For brands,  businesses, and philanthropies we are a serious social impact tool and marketing must-have, reaching target markets in the post “target audience” era with proven methodology and metrics.

For Youth and those who care about them, we are a leading edge, pop counter culture, inspirational community for authentic connection, elevated entertainment, self empowerment and growth.

We’re not just another youth empowerment, mindfulness, social media platform or civics organization.  They are great,  AND NOT transformational, disruptive, or revolutionary.


We are innovating what a social impact media brand looks like and DOES to unlock all of the power, passion and purpose we see sitting on the sidelines.

If we miss the mark, we’ve created a vibrant and valuable media brand and community that changes lives.  If we’re successful, we’ve created a movement that transforms the quality of human engagement in the digital age.  Crazy enough to think you can change the world?  Us too.  Come join us.

Smart Societies Invest In Their Future.  Youth Are Our Future.  WE Are Their Platform.