It took me well into my life to truly understand the importance of having someone in one’s life who spots you, sees you, gets you.  In the ways that you want to be spotted.  Seen.  Gotten.  That’s so much at the heart of why I am called to #WeAreAll18.  Because I know what it’s like NOT to have someone unconditionally holding the space for you to be the full embodiment of who YOU want to be.  Agendaless.  Being able to empower young people, to elevate them by my presence, by the presence of all of us, is where it’s at.  When you have that as a young person, you build it up (WE build it up) in our essence, in our DNA.  Inside.  Not looking for that validation from the outside. Because we have built inner confidence.  All I can say is better late than never, for me.  For any of us willing to be on that journey to hopefully get to that place of integration, authentically, for ourselves.

Jonathan Pillot, September 7, 2018